Driven by the idea of preserving and delivering freshness and best quality taste of food items supplied, our company – Desa Alpha Trading Sdn Bhd – one of those specialised in qualified food packaging services, impeccable wholesale supply and distribution of confectionery, canned food and sundry products.


The origin of our company goes back to 1994 when Desa Alpha Trading Sdn Bhd first commenced as a humble start-up company. It took years of toil and moil for us to establish a reliable supply chains, build a strong rapport with our business partners and customers to eventually become a prominent wholesale supplier of wide range of food items and sundry products. We pride ourselves on being an authorised and official dealer for established brands such as London Biscuit and Guan Seng in Pahang. Our broad retailing customer base includes Billion, Nirwana, Pantai Selamat and some other well known supermarket chains.


Aspired to become a leading wholesale supplier confectionery, canned food and sundry products not merely in West Malaysia but in a peninsular part of the country too, we envision ourselves in a dedicative support of diverse local wholesale food trading industry. For that reason, we aim in our mission at continuous maintenance of our logistic network, service quality control and expanding our market share via distribution of quality-assured food items and sundry products to the main supermarket chains as well as impeccable packaging service to preserve all best properties of our items supplied. It is principles of integrity, transparency and trust which we incorporated in our business and on which we deal with our partners and clients in order to achieve the company’s objectives.


Find out the elements that constitute our strength and makes us one of the most reliable suppliers in West Malaysia.
  • First of all, we have been in the industry over 20 years and have gained a tremendous amount of experience and practice.
  • Secondly, we have proven positive track records due to our unrivalled delivery services and impeccable logistic system.
  • Thirdly, our packaging system is Halal certified and our efforts were acknowledged by an award from MESTI Kesihatan which is indeed a sign of hard work.
  • Fourthly, our facilities are capable enough to operate with large amount of orders and meet customers’ specific requirements and needs.
  • Moreover, we constantly work on optimising our pricing policy which makes us attractive along with our service quality.
  • We offer a diverse range of free of charge services to our customers.


We distribute and supply a large selection of food items belonging to both local and foreign brands, including mainly confectionery, variety of canned food, biscuits, cakes from renowned manufacturers and producers, different snacks, diverse range of candies and sweets, as well as chocolate, jellies and puddings. Besides, we provide Thai souses, water rolls, cat food and many others.

As per our service array, we provide our customers with free merchandise services to local markets. Furthermore, we charge zero transportation fees base on customer areas. We are looking forward to establishing rapport with new customers and clients.

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